Tuesday, 30 November 2021
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Tourism is the growth area for Europe and is essential in the current economic global climate, as underlined by the Commission in continuous manner.  Latest statistics published in eurostat are clearly validating the importance of the sector in employment of European citizen especially for women. The rate of employment of women in this sector is around 60%, highlighting the importance of the sector in female employment.

Middle aged educated unemployed women (MAW) is a very suitable target group for being trained and employed in European Tour Guide-Travel Leader field including possibility to work part-time.

Existence of common European Tour Guide & Travel Leader (Tour Leader) definition and competency profile as well as e-learning based awareness training on such a profile are one of the most important lacking in this field. So, TATRA will support this phenomena by comparing any existing definitions and competency profiles  (soft skills, hard skills, attitudes) in "Tour Guide-Tour Leader" profession with an aim to develop standards in EU.

We hope that as a result of the project a lot of women will be able to integrate themselves to local tour guide or tour leader positions.

TATRA Project Team


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