Why TATRA born?
dinsdag 30 november 2021
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1. Tourism is the growth area for Europe and keep promising - employment opportunity,
2. The future demand will be quality and more sophisticated as well as customized compact service - well educated, sophisticated background guiding need,
3. The rate of employment of women in this sector is around 60%, highlighting the importance of the sector in female employment  - positive field for female employment,
4. Average age of women is 35 in this sector. Older and more experienced are needed in Tour Guide-Travel Leader sector since Tour Guide-Travel Leader profession mostly relies on SOFT SKILLS,
5. Preparation of transparent common European definition as European standards of Tour Guide-Travel Leader training curriculum  (according to ECVET - European Credit System for VET) are needed because many Tour Guides-Travel Leaders operate cross country and Europe wide (even overseas),
6. Middle aged unemployed women is a very suitable target group clearly because of above needs, and well educated - trained MAW already conforming to majority by default,
7. Preparation of common European curriculum according to this European definition of needed competences (based on ECVET) which is a curriculum structure of e-learning package to create awareness and motivation for the job of Tour Guide-Travel Leader,
8. e-Learning is not existent yet and is really needed in this field.

Transfer and sharing of experience under the umbrella of this approach will be basis of the development of e-learning content containing an online course curriculum, the Tour Guide-Travel Leader training guide for educated middle-aged women, who can be motivated and encouraged to start a new professional future in the tourist sector, either in founding an SME or in becoming an employee for tourist services. By the strong contribution of partners who are engaged in career designing field and capable to develop new guidelines or recommendations according ECVET scheme, all materials will be prepared in all 8 partner languages as well as EN. The course curriculum will motivate MAW to learn because it will be an informal learning with a great pedagogical support forcing MAW to use their natural talent and motivating them to feel how naturally they are competent. That is how MAW will overcome psychological barriers of completing their skills and the feeling that they are already old. The efficiency of such kind of future e-learning will be enormous.


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