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dinsdag 30 november 2021
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There are a lot of well educated, highly talented by their nature, middle aged women who lost their job and who have got obstacles to find a job and re-enter into labour market. They are experienced, hard working and precise, they have a sense for details and are also skilled in organizing matters. They have natural "talent" combined with experience. Although they are well educated and well experienced, they are still among the most disadvantaged groups of unemployed people as it is not that simple for them to re-enter in working life.

Yet these women could very well use their education, work experience and talent, working habits and features for new work, especially in the tourist sector. They could bring to the tourist service new elements – a friendly, warm and more tailored approach to customers, a lot of interesting information about the region they live in and nearby historical places, a deep knowledge about the local particularities and peculiarities as well attractions. Many of them do in fact have the potential to create a new micro SME, others again could be employed by SMEs oriented towards the tourist branch, or as freelancers.

The idea of the project TATRA is the collaboration of partners from countries where the tourist industry is more developed and tourism is one of the most important sectors with a big market potential for employment, even above the EU average of around 5% which is steadily rising, and develop this portal to contain a common European e-curriculum for being a Tour Guide-Tour Leader together with descriptions, hints and further guidance.


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